Nanotech 27 (Humus Fertilizer /Baja Humus)

Nanotech 27 is a humus fertilizer is suitable for all types of soil. This popular all-purpose plant food provides the complete nutrient requirements of all types of plant throughout the growing season. Baja Serbajadi Humus 27 is applicable at all stages of growth and is particularly suitable for sensitive ornamental plants. Regular usage of this granular Humus 27 is able to improve soil texture and aeration, as well as increase soil microbial activities, thereby, promoting strong and rapid growth.

Humus is important as it helps soil moisture storage and promotes the formation of a beautiful soil structure.
  • Nanotech Humus Fertilizer is suitable for all types of plants.
  • Enriched by Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, Copper, Iron, Potassium and trace elements.
  • The organic interaction produces humic and fulvic acids, both prove to contain. Elements to enhance plant growth.
  • Suitable in inducing rapid growth of plants and in flowering process. Excellent for fruit trees and vegetables.